• Introducing the Omega Seamaster Replica master01 self-winding flyback chronograph

    Omega Seamaster Replica

    A popular question people liked to ask Omega Seamaster Replica a few years ago was: “When are we going to see something other than Omega Seamaster Replica the Royal Oak? ” Last year, Omega Seamaster Replica gave us the 11.59 code. This year, they have once again launched a new watch collection to whet our appetite. It's the [Re]master01 self-winding chronograph 40mm.

    A vintage inspired classic chronograph with an unconventional name, the [Re]master01 is a self-winding flyback chronograph that tells the story of the company's storied history and evokes all the design attributes of the original timepiece. It is not only a reissue of an important artefact from the past, but also a reinvention of a past creation, hence its name.

    Omega Seamaster Replica produced only a very small number of chronographs in the 20th century. We know this because not long ago, the company published a book on its 20th century complications, which documented Omega Seamaster Replica choose everything from the first repeating minute watch in 1892 to the grand complications of the 1970s. No two watches are the same. Of these, by their own count, only 307 chronographs were produced between the 1930s and the 1950s.

    In particular, the [Re]master01 was inspired by an extremely rare chronograph from 1943. the Ref. 1533 was very rare at the time because of its oversized size of 36 mm and the fact that it was wrapped in steel and Omega Seamaster Replica rose gold. According to Omega Seamaster Replica's own archives, only three chronographs in stainless steel and gold with the current case design were produced in 1941 and later sold in 1943.

    Phillips sold this particular reference, a beautiful stainless steel and rose gold chronograph with teardrop lugs and a rose champagne-coloured dial, at the 2015 Geneva auction. The [Re]master01, it seems, is based on this example.

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